"Strengthening Teachers’ Professional Development
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Dr. James Li new article published at Singapore Education magazine "EduNation" issue6.

"小学科学的一些错误概念 — 光合作用 Misconceptions in Primary Level Science — Rate of Photosynthesis"


Dr. James Li recently published at Singapore education magazine "EduNation", you can find the details here.





最近GreatMinds (博思书院)校长李宏珉博士接受媒体采访针对新加坡小学教育发表了一些个人看法,引起很大反响。



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Student name: Xing Hui Kun, Primary school: Zhangde Primary School, Grade: P6 (in year 2011)

Huikun has been awarded DSA offer from River Valley High School and waiting list of Dunman High Secondary School.

Classes taken in Greatminds School: Math, Science, English, Chinese

Hui Kun's PSLE results: Math A*, Science A*, Chinese A*, English A. T-score 262.


(1) Why do you send your child for tuition?

(a) To improve his/her result in school exam. ( Y )

(b) To help him/her in Math/Science competition. ( )

(c) Kiasu since other parents send their children for tuition. ( )

(d) My child learns almost nothing from primary school? ( )

Others: 我女儿学校的教材,老师的专注力好像只是要升学率。而对于想上Top School的学生和家长来说,学校的功课不光从题型的难度和广度和题量的多少来讲都是不足够的。而且关键是孩子总是只听老师的话,所以,选择一所高素质的补习中心就是小六学生和家长的当务之急。

The focus of my daughter’s school is only on the overall passing rate. I realized the complexity, depth and quantity of school work cannot adequately prepare their pupils to get high score in PSLE. Therefore, to parents who want their children to get into top schools, finding good tuition for their children became necessary.


(2) Why did you choose Greatminds as your preferred choice for your son/daughter?

(a) Greatminds has very high level teacher. ( Y )

(b) Greatminds has very good result in PSLE ( )

(c) Greatminds has very good result in Math and Science competition ( )

(d) Greatminds does experiment in science lesson. ( )

Others: 通过出席中心举办的《P6 Workshop for Parents and Students》,我觉得GreatMinds有高素质的老师,系统而实用的教材,深入检出的教学方法,正是我想要为孩子寻找的理想补习中心。

I came to know about GreatMinds through the ‘P6 Workshop for Parents and Students’ early this year. I was impressed by GreatMinds’ high-quality teachers, systematic materials and special teaching methods which covers comprehensive content in an easy-to-understand way. I believed GreatMinds is the one that can help my daughter to achieve her goal.


(3) Why have you chosen to remain with GreatMinds all these years or send all of your children here?

(a) My child has improved a lot in his/her school exam. ( Y )

(b) Greatminds provide excellent service, like frequent communication, parents report, workshop and seminar. ( Y )

(c) My child likes the environment. He/she enjoys the lesson ( Y )

(d) My child builds up a good study habit in Greatminds School. ( Y )


Thanks to the unique teaching method of GreatMinds, who takes care of each individual pupil’s needs, after my elder daughter, HuiKun, studied in GreatMinds for a short 6 months, she had already made tremendous improvement in every subject. I am very convinced with their dedication to help each and every child; GreatMinds can help our children to achieve their goals. I have decided to put my younger daughter in GreatMinds too.


(4) Could you please share with us and other parents about DSA experience?

对于主流学校的学生来说,DSA实际上就是对于活跃于CCA的学生的一个优先选择。当然,优异的学业成绩是先决条件。通过这次我女儿报考DSA来看,如果要以学术成绩拿到学额,那么,除了优秀的小五,小六学校成绩,优异的各种竞赛成绩,GAT的考试是关键 (决定了是否能够参加下一轮的面试);而对于国家初级学院(NJC)来说则是它似乎超越小学范围的那场历时四个小时的考试(Higher Ability Selection Test: Reading/Mathematics/Abstract Reasoning)决定了一切。

所以,主流学校的学生想要通过DSA来报考理想的学校,最大的胜算当然是优异的CCA成绩。例如,如果要以Performing Arts 或者 Sports进,最好拿到比赛奖项。如若不然,像钢琴 演奏要拿到Grade 7 Distinction,乐理 Grade 5 Distinction就也有机会进名校 。我女儿是以华族舞蹈8级和SYF的主跳拿到德明政府中学(参加了GAT考试)的Waiting List和立化中学的学额 (参加了头一轮的舞蹈面试和口试,接下来的Short List Interview包括以华语进行的自我介绍;以英语或华语进行的看图想象会话和最后一轮的英语辩论会)。对于立化中学来讲,出色的口才,机智的应变能力,对于双语的驾驭能力也是这所学校的主要考量条件。

I would like to share some of my experiences about my daughter’s DSA this year. Excellent academic school results in P5 and P6 are necessary for DSA. For top schools e.g. NYGH and RGS, good GAT results and competitions are also very important. Some schools also conduct their own test, e.g. Higher Ability Selection Test: Reading/Mathematics/Abstract Reasoning by NJC. The result of such test becomes a very critical criterion in their selection.

If your child is excellent in CCA, for example, performing arts, sports, piano Grade 7 Distinction or theory Grade 5 Distinction, he or she will also stand a good chance to get selected through DSA. However for all of these, good school results in P5 and P6 are still very important. For some schools like Rive Valley, being eloquent in both English and Chinese also gives you an advantage, therefore the performance in interview is also one of the criteria for the selection.


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